About the Lab

Our research is focused on understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales, and our extension work involves applying this information to planning, management, and policy relevant to fire-prone landscapes. Students and staff in the lab work and publish on a wide variety of projects related to fire and are involved in both field and lab analyses, including the application of spatial approaches to understanding natural disturbances.

Max Moritz is a Wildfire Specialist with U.C. Cooperative Extension, part of the U.C. Agriculture and Natural Resources Division. He now manages his lab from UCSB, where he is an adjunct professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and an affiliate of the Earth Research Institute. As such, prospective graduate students are encouraged to get in touch, but with the understanding that they would need to find another major professor at UCSB as their primary advisor. Visiting scholars are also welcome to approach the lab with a well-defined research plan to pursue during a temporary stay, although such scholars should be able to work relatively independently.

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you’re interested in becoming part of the lab as a graduate student, visiting scholar, or postdoc.