Prospective Students

I welcome applications from prospective students with interests in forest community ecology, tree demography, and forest ecosystem science. I am a field scientist trying to understand the dynamics of temperate forest ecosystems. I rely on long-term datasets as well as field experiments to understand the drivers and direction of forests change. Core research areas include the forests of the Sierra Nevada of California and the Appalachian Mountains of New England.

Recent and current students have worked on the predictors of tree death, tree neighborhood influences, the dynamics of forest invasion, and the impacts of air pollution on tree health. Projects combine field work, development of quantitative methods and/or simulation modeling. Most of the research in my lab has direct application to the conservation and management of forest resources. Thus research ideas with a more applied bent are welcomed. Please explore our website for more examples and details of ongoing projects.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact me by email, preferably in September or October prior to the late November/early December application deadline. Please send a CV and a brief statement of your research experience and future interests. I like to meet applicants in person, so let me know if you live close to the Bay Area or are visiting California. Applicants who are offered admission will be invited to for a meet-the-department visit in the Spring.